Article 10 Submissions

Throughout the development process for the Lighthouse Wind project, we will be making several informational submissions to the Public Service Commission. These submissions will include a full list of upcoming and past events, a listing of public feedback we've received, our preliminary scoping statement, and our Article 10 application.

Revised Avian and Bat Study Plan: Submitted August 1, 2016

Notice of PSS Submittal: In newspapers Saturday, November 14; Monday, November 16; and Wednesday, November 18, 2015.

Preliminary Scoping Statement: Submitted November 23, 2015

Letter Regarding Facebook Page: Submitted September 24, 2015

Event Tracking Log MayJune, 2015: Submitted August 7, 2015

Email Tracking Log May–June, 2015: Submitted August 7, 2015

Filing Letter: Submitted August 7, 2015

Event Tracking Log March–April 2015: Submitted May 22, 2015

Email Tracking Log March–April 2015: Submitted May 22, 2015

Filing Letter: Submitted May 22, 2015

Meeting Log: January–February 2015: Submitted March 5, 2015

Filing Letter: Submitted March 5, 2015

Revised Public Involvement Program Plan: Submitted January 15, 2015

Updated Public Involvement Tracking Log: Submitted January 15, 2015

Revised Public Involvement Program Plan: Submitted December 31, 2014

Responses to Staff Letter dated 12/1/14: Submitted December 31, 2014

Letter from Erin O'Dell-Keller to Daniel Fitzgerald Regarding Public Involvement Program Review: Submitted December 1, 2014

Lighthouse Public Involvement Plan: Submitted October 31, 2014

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