Clarification: No Event Planned for March 12th

I am writing to clarify that there is not an open house scheduled for March 12th.  The confusion around this arose because in Apex's original PIP submittal on October 31, we included an example open house flier as a demonstration of one method of advertising for such events.  We were notified of how this example page may be confusing for folks reading the PIP, thus revised our PIP such that the advertisement notification had the date and location removed, and a watermark inserted labeling it as an example.  We appreciate various folks pointing this fact out to us, and hope it didn't cause too much confusion.  


Dan and I are working on organizing our next open house.  As soon as the date and location of this event are set, I will advertise on the blog and events page, as well as various other mediums as described in the PIP with significant notice so that everyone can attend if they like.  Dan and I have been busy meeting with different individuals and small groups.  These meetings have mainly been targeted towards our numerous project stakeholders, including governmental organizations and civic groups, in order to introduce Apex, the proposed Lighthouse Wind project, and the Article 10 process.  As always, we are interested in scheduling meetings with any interested individual or small group.  This could include presentations and discussion of the project in general, or a discussion of specific topics.  Email me at with any questions or requests.

-- Taylor Quarles