Meteorological Tower Installed In Yates


Yates, NY – Jul 2, 2015 – Today, Apex Clean Energy installed a meteorological (met) tower in the town of Yates, after gaining approval from the Town Board on June 12.  Supporting Apex’s ongoing research into the Lighthouse Wind project, this is the second met tower installed in the project study area and will provide detailed and accurate meteorological data.

“Apex is committed to fully researching all environmental aspects of this project,” said Dan Fitzgerald, Senior Developer Manager for Lighthouse Wind.  “We are now able to research and obtain the data necessary for more thorough stakeholder review and comment. The data we collect from this tower will help ensure that our project incorporates the most complete and accurate data we can get.”

The met tower was installed in Yates at the corner of Marshall and Lakeshore Road.  The permitting process included several rounds of public input and comment, and those comments were incorporated into the plan for installation and maintenance of the tower.

As Fitzgerald explained, “Apex, at all levels, is committed to working with the residents in the area to collect their input as this project moves forward.  As we’ve demonstrated with the process of constructing this tower, we welcome feedback and will incorporate it into the planning and development of Lighthouse Wind wherever we can.”

The Lighthouse Wind project will bring economic and environmental benefits to the surrounding area.  This renewable energy source will provide annual payments in lieu of taxes estimated at $1.6 million, in addition to both temporary and permanent full-time jobs.  These economic benefits will help expand the economies of the surrounding communities.