Office Hours: Week of July 6-10

We are excited to have an office open in downtown Barker.  Our space is in the left half of Somerset Sails, which is located at 8691 Main Street, Barker, NY. Up until this point we have used the office for scheduled meetings of landowners and stakeholders.  We have also had several folks walk in to ask questions as they pass by.  I want to encourage folks to stop in at their convenience.  

The office hours this week are as follows:

Tuesday 7th: 9am-12am

Wednesday 8th: 2pm-5pm

Thursday 9th: 2pm-5pm

Friday 10th: 9am-12am

As always, please don't hesitate to call or email if you would like to schedule a meeting at another time.  We will be posting more regular office hours in the near future.