Yates Met Tower Fully Operational

The meteorological tower at the corner of Marshall and Lower Lake has been returned to full operating order.  It was off-line for less than 48 hours.

At about 8:00 am on the morning of August 4th, two of the 24 guy wires supporting our new Lighthouse Wind meteorological tower at the corner of Marshall and Lower Lake were severed when a farm employee mowing with a triple mower struck one of the anchors.  Met towers are designed to be redundantly reinforced, and 22 guy wires remained in place to support the tower.  The tower was never under any danger of falling; however, after the accident, the top portion of the tower was leaning over slightly. Upon learning of this incident, Apex development manager Taylor Quarles immediately drove to the site and re-attached the two guy wires to their anchor.  Simultaneously, he arranged for the meteorological tower specialists who installed the tower to return to the site to adjust the cable tension and confirm that the tower was in safe operating order.  By August 6th at lunchtime, the meteorological tower specialists confirmed that the tower was in full operating order with all guy wires properly tensioned. 

Apex met towers and guy wire anchor points are marked to make them visible on the ground.  The guy wires on this tower were all fitted with yellow sleeves close to the ground to indicate their presence.  While this type of marking meets the industry standard, we plan on placing additional highly visible orange vertical markers at the outermost anchors of this tower to further ensure that its location is visible and apparent at all times.