Yes, Virginia, There Is Homegrown, Renewable Power in Wind Energy!

Some questions have arisen regarding wind energy in Apex’s home territory of the Commonwealth of Virginia. We are delighted to report the latest news in steps toward Virginia’s first wind farm - click here.

Comments reported in the southwestern Virginia press:

“I’m somewhat of a conservationist and I approve it. I have looked at this hard enough and I really believe it is great. I’m also a hunter. I’m on the mountains and I can’t see anything wrong with it.” – Jack Leffel, Botetourt County Board of Supervisors Chairman

“Wind power is about as natural as it gets … it’s renewable, unaltered. I call it God’s power.” – Jerry Fraley, who has agreed to lease his land to Apex Clean Energy for the project

“There is no mining, no fracking, no drilling.” – Sherry Crumley, former Board Member of Virginia’s Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

“It’s time now for Virginia to enter the modern age.” – Dan Crawford, Chairman of the Sierra Club’s Roanoke chapter, praising the board for its “pioneering work”