New York State Sierra Club Unanimously Endorses Lighthouse Wind

Barker, NY – October 30, 2018 – The Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter has unanimously and formally endorsed the proposed Lighthouse Wind project of Apex Clean Energy, Inc., in the Town of Somerset, Niagara County, and the Town of Yates, Orleans County, as being environmentally sound.   “In 2014, Apex Clean Energy, Inc. announced a proposed wind turbine facility in the towns of Somerset and Yates,” reads the resolution. “Over that time, studies have been conducted concerning environmental factors including   bird mortality (such as raptors and other large birds), bat mortality, noise levels, flicker effect, soil erosion, and post installation utilization of farm lands. The preliminary results were announced on October 2, 2018 by Apex, and a majority of the Niagara Group’s ExCom attended the presentation. The project is subject to the Article 10 review process required by the State of New York for the construction of power generation facilities over 25 megawatts.”     Continue reading