Preliminary Scoping Statement Comment Responses

Lighthouse Wind, a subsidiary of Apex Clean Energy, has proposed a 201 megawatt (MW) wind energy generating facility, to be located in the Towns of Somerset (Niagara County) and Yates (Orleans County).  Prior to submitting an Application for a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need to construct and operate this facility, pursuant to Article 10 of the Public Service Law, Lighthouse Wind was required to comply with certain pre-application procedures. Among these pre-application steps was the requirement that Lighthouse Wind submit a Preliminary Scoping Statement to the New York State Board on Electric Generation Siting and the Environment and to other parties.  Lighthouse Wind submitted its PSS on November 23, 2015.

Over 1,100 comments were received in response to Lighthouse Wind’s PSS.  There were 254 unique commenters.  See Appendix A.

Lighthouse Wind has reviewed and individually addressed each comment with a response.  To the extent that comments are repetitive of other comments submitted, responses may necessarily be the same or similar.  The full recounting of all submitted comments and responses is documented in Lighthouse Wind’s Matrix Individual Responses to Comments attached as Appendix B. 

Given the number of comments, the Comment Matrix document is lengthy.  It is organized into general comments, followed by labelled topic areas which reflect the different sections of the PSS, as well as other areas for which comments were submitted that went beyond the PSS document and, therefore, there was not necessarily a devoted PSS section covering them.  During the process of reviewing the comments, it was apparent that many comments had similar themes, and required similar responses.  Therefore, Lighthouse Wind has prepared and hereby submits this PSS Comment Response Summary (“Response Summary”), which highlights these common material comment themes and summarizes the Applicant’s response to them in this narrative format.  Additionally, the Response Summary references the other appendices presented below. 



Final Lighthouse Wind Narrative Responses to Comments on PSS

Appendix A PSS Comment Letter Summary Table

Appendix B Comments Matrix

Appendix C Wind Turbine Buildable Area

Appendix D Wind Turbine Setback Map

Appendix E Wind Measurement Tower Map and Specifications

Appendix F Full Sound Study Scope and Map

Appendix G Full Visual Impact Assessment Scope

Appendix H Full Cultural Resources Study Scope

Appendix I List of Visual Resources

Appendix J List of NRHP Properties

Appendix K Service List for Application

Appendix L Letters to Niagara BOH